• 1958-64 full-size Chevrolet power steering system

      CPP 500 Series power steering boxes are the key components to a high performance modern style power steering system. The CP50003 features a 14:1 ratio unit which provides superior directional control and road feedback, as well as a more stable feel to the driver. CPP engineered the recirculating ball gears for low friction and increased steering response. An open centered, rotary type valve provides smooth operation throughout the steering range while retaining excellent road feel

      For the 1958-64 full-size Chevrolet, the 500 Series is a direct replacement for the manual steering box and is "bolt on" easy to install. Another unique feature is the mounting bosses which are integrated into the casting, eliminating the need for an external bracket and lining up perfectly to your column without shims. Works with both the original and aftermarket steering columns and sway bars. This is the very best gearbox available on the market today to convert your full-size Chevrolet to power steering.

      New high performance center link system that upgrades the stock center link, pitman arm and idler arm for the best road feel and performance. This kit will replace your factory power or non-power center link.

      Follow along here as we perform the install.
      Products courtesy of Classic Performance Products Inc.