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  • The new Inglese™ 2011 Master Catalog

    The new Inglese™ 2011 Master Catalog is hot off the press and contains the most up-to-date product listing of Inglese™ Carbureted and EFI Induction Systems, Weber carburetors, components, stacks, intake manifolds, hardware, tools and more. The 22-page catalog is filled with full color images of beautiful Inglese™ Induction Systems, in addition to helpful diagrams, descriptions, part numbers and stack height charts. Whether you want to order a unique Inglese™ Eight Stack System customized to your application or you are simply looking for a replacement part for your Weber carburetor, the catalog will help guide you through the process. Also included in the catalog are a variety of ways to contact Inglese™ for tech help and ordering. The new catalog is available in print (order at www.cpgcatalogs.com) or online as a PDF (www.inglese.com).

    Features & Benefits:
    • Catalog contains up-to-date information for Inglese™ Induction Systems, Weber carburetors & more
    • Full color pages of product descriptions, part number charts, images, diagrams & information
    • Traditional Weber carb or new electronic fuel injection systems are available with a variety of custom options
    • Print copies available at www.cpgcatalogs.com & PDF version can be downloaded at www.inglese.com