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  • LoJack for Classics SVR System

    NEW! Early Warning now available for LoJack for Classics:
    • Alert by phone, e-mail and text if your vehicle moves.
    • An added layer of protection for when your dream car is in storage or out-of-sight!
    • Call 1-800-838-1177 ext 3873 to learn more or to purchase.
    Self-powered system protects without modification:

    • Industry’s first self-powered vehicle recovery unit
    • Device undetectable by thieves
    • Direct partnership with police
    • Maximizes battery performance
    • Increased installation flexibility enhances covertness and reduces installation time
    • 90% recovery rate
    • One-time purchase price
    • Free installation - a certified technician will come to your home or place of business at a time slot convenient for you
    • No monthly fees
    • Comes with a 2-year, 24-hour theft recovery or your money back
    • Only available in specific states (click here for coverage locator)
    • Only available for classic, hot rod, antique and custom vehicles model years 1985 and older
    **Available only in the US**