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    • Wizards Introduces Aggressor & Bendi-Buff Foam Buffing Pads

      Wizards Products has launched a new line of foam buffing pads. The convoluted design of the Bendi-Buff Foam Buffing Pads gives the user greater control, eliminates pad chatter, reduces product splatter and waste, and decreases surface heat, according to the company.
      The pads offer a Velcro grip back with an alignment ring, helping make pad changes in seconds with the Wizards 6-inch Bendi-Backer Backing Plate. Bendi-Buff Foam Buffing Pads are available in 7.5-inch versions for cutting, light cutting/polishing, finishing and ultra-finishing.

      Wizards has also introduced a new Aggressor Foam Compounding Pad that offers the fast cutting action of a wool pad in a convoluted foam design. This 8-inch Velcro-backed pad is compatible with the Wizards 7-inch Bendi-Backer Backing Plate.

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