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    • Kugel Komponents Introduces New Chassis-Moving Tool

      Wheel Arounds from Kugel Komponents were designed to make the act of moving a chassis around a shop easier. They’re made of injection-molded polyurethane and can support up to 1,500 pounds of static load (375 pounds per wheel).

      The Wheel Arounds are designed to move the chassis only and will not support the weight of a body and engine. They measure 24 inches tall and are 1 3/8 inches wide. The Wheel Arounds are sold as a set of four.

      Twenty special-sleeved lug nuts and washers in 1/2-inch, 7/16-inch or 12mm sizes are included. They’re drilled for both 4.5- and 4.75-inch bolt patterns. Extra lug nuts are also available.
      When not in use, the Wheel Arounds will take up less space than conventional tires and wheels, according to the company.

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