• American Powertrain Releases Universal Transmission Crossmember

      The new X-Factor Stretch crossmember from American Powertrain was designed to make the job of fitting a crossmember to a transmission easier. The Strech crossmember spans 2632 inches inside the frame rails and can be bolted or welded in place to provide a wide range of fitment possibilities that have clearance for large diameter exhaust tubes.

      The X-Factor Stretch crossmember is made from hot-pressed T-6061 aluminum to ensure that its light and strong, said the company. It can be used for a variety of street or track applications and features unique end supports made from low carbon steel.

      All stock parts are powdercoated in metallic aluminum and come with an aluminum center section, steel end supports and grade-8 hardware. Applications include classic four-speeds, modern five- and six-speeds, and all vintage and late-model applications.

      For more information, visit www.americanpowertrain.com