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  • The E-Stopp "The Push Button Emergency Brake"

    The E-Stopp replaces your existing hand, pedal or lever brake and mounts conveniently under your vehicles carriage. The E-Stopp attaches directly to your current E-Brake cable and has a micro-computer that regulates the proper amount of pressure to your braking system.

    Other features include a rugged exterior casing, audible recognition (required in some states), visual recognition on the button itself and an optional ignition safety device.

    Some mechanical prowess necessary for installation.

    Anti-Theft Use:
    The E-Stopp can also be used as an anti-theft device. If someone doesn't know about the button, they can't move your car.

    Kit Includes:
    1 - 12v Control Box w/ micro computer, detachable button and optional ignition safety device
    1 - Actuator w/ rugged metal casing
    2 - Wire to wire Butt Splicers
    3 - Wire to battery Ring connectors

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