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    • Eastwood Co. Introduces New “Paint Gun in a Can” Product

      The Eastwood Company has introduced its new 2K Aero-Spray, which the company describes as “a paint gun in a can.” The Aero-Spray features 2K, two-component catalyzed paints, unlike traditional aerosol cans that contain dry, 1K paints, said the company.

      The can’s unique design features an internal bladder that contains the catalyst, which is surrounded by the non-activated paint. Once the button on the bottom of the can pierces the can’s internal bladder, the catalyst is released into the paint. Once activated, the can has a 48-hour shelf life, according to the company.

      The 2K Aero-Spray has an adjustable, wide fan pattern nozzle and will apply a pattern similar to one applied by a paint gun. According to Eastwood, it covers up to five times more than a conventional aerosol can.

      The product is available in Epoxy Primer, High Gloss Clear, Ceramic Underhood Black, Ceramic Chassis Black Satin and Ceramic Black Gloss.

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