• Special Display to Include a Rare Mid-Engine Corvette Known as the CERV II

      The Corvette was born in 1953 and in less than ten years, the face of the car changed dramatically, especially in areas related to performance and competition. One of the driving forces behind this evolution was National Corvette Hall of Fame member Zora Duntov. Duntov had many visions during his time with General Motors, but in 1962, he dreamed up a car that was unlike any other before it. This car, a mid-engine racer named Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle second generation (or CERV II) was the talk of the town then and in 2014 at Corvettes at Carlisle, August 22-24 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, it'll once again be all the rage among Corvette enthusiasts.

      As part of a very special 50th Anniversary 1964 Corvette Display, guests at Carlisle can see the CERV II and see Duntov's vision firsthand. The reason behind the car didn't come about overnight, rather it was born out of a desire to compete with the Europeans at LeMans in France. His vision included building this racer with the engine located mid-chassis, making it four-wheel drive and slapping a V8 under its centrally-located hood. When built, the CERV II was capable of going from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and well over 200 mph. The goal for all of this - to assure that this Corvette performed at a level never before seen. Chevrolet Engineering began work on the car and while it was completed in 1964, it never competed at LeMans due to General Motors’ decision to withdraw all support from racing. Though never part of official competition, the car did provide a testing platform for Duntov’s ultimate dream, building the highest performance streetcar in the world.

      "Each year we aim to get unique Corvettes at our event that people haven't seen in the past," said Lance Miller, Corvettes at Carlisle Event Manager and Carlisle Events co-owner. "This year is no exception as I'm excited to welcome the CERV II onsite as one of our feature cars on display during Corvettes at Carlisle. If you are on the fence about attending Corvettes at Carlisle, I'd urge you not to miss this year's event. It's going to showcase some amazing Corvettes and, of course, it's always fun to meet likeminded individuals with similar passions. We look forward to seeing you at the end of August!"

      In addition to seeing and hearing all about Zora Duntov's vision, attendees can see some other great Corvettes as part of other displays too. There are special racing displays lined up and not only will those displays draw the cars, they'll have some historic drivers too. Additional details are being planned and will be available when known via e-newsletters, social media and the Carlisle Events’ web page.

      Finally, the submission process for additional 1964 Corvettes is ongoing. Via the Invitational Display link found on the Corvettes at Carlisle web page of www.CarlisleEvents.com, any enthusiast who owns a '64 can apply to be part of this display alongside the CERV II. If chosen for the display, owners and a guest receive grounds access plus parking within the display. Further, all invitational cars are highlighted online in advance of the event and within the event directory handed out to the thousands who pass through the gates. This special display is limited to 20 cars total.

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