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    The year 1966 was a great year for automotive sales in the U.S. Many car manufacturers were doing very well for the economy and in 1966 the average cost for a new Dodge vehicle sold for $ 2,280 and the price of gasoline for 32 cents a gallon.
    The Chrysler Corporation was also doing very well within the automotive markets with its popular Dodge Dart models. The 1966 Dodge Dart models made their debut in Dodge dealerships on September 30, 1965.
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    The famed custom car designer George Barris pictured here early on in his career. Recently, the automotive world lost one of the most creative and talented custom car designers in the world: Mr. George Barris.
    Throughout a storied and long career, Barris had created great works of art for vintage automotive designs from the 1950s to 1970s. This story is dedicated to the late George Barris, the king of all the automotive customizers who passed away on Nov. 5, 2015 at 90.

    Barris’ journey started in the 1950s when teenagers had a great interest in cars and were ...
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    During the early 1970s, the Dodge brand became a very competitive product line within the auto industry.

    For 1971, Dodge offered a variety of new styling features and had made several key moves to put its vehicles in more competitive price positions or the consumer market. The 1971 Dodge Charger offered its traditional contemporary, aggressive appearance designs.

    The front windshield was moved back at a 56-degree angle to highlight the roof-line while providing an all-around visibility for its driver and its passengers. The 1971 ...
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    In automotive history, 1949 is known as the year of big change. This story is about how it all began. With just a simple idea sketched out on a piece of paper, the developments that followed from factory to finish attribute to Ford Motor Company’s successful year. The men and women who helped with design and build these remarkable automobiles made automotive history.

    It has been said ...
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    The De Soto manufacturing plant was located at the corner of Wyoming and McGraw in Detroit Michigan. However, the first De Soto automobiles were assembled at the Highland Park facility plant in addition to Plymouth. These automobiles were produced in 1928 when the new De Soto models were introduced to the public. Later, De Soto manufacturing was transferred from the Wyoming plant to the Jefferson assembly plant in 1959. The name De Soto comes ...

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