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    • How To Install a Drop-Out Battery Box In Your Truck

      With this kit by CPP you can mount the battery of your 1947-87 Chevy Truck or 1948-64 Ford Truck on the frame or replace your existing frame mount battery box with this stainless steel battery drop out box.

      Features include stainless steel construction and a drop out bottom for easy battery maintenance. BDB-S24 accepts Optima and group 24 batteries (L:10-1/4", W: 6-13/16", H: 8-7/8") and BDB-S26 accepts group 26 batteries (L: 8-3/16", W: 6-13/16", H: 7-3/4").
      (4) Grade 8, 5/16” bolts. The length will depend upon the depth of the frame it is bolted to.
      (4) Lock washers
      (4) Washers
      (4) Self-Locking Nuts
      Read these instructions completely before attempting this conversion.

      1. To mount the battery box, you will need to clear an area on the frame to the dimensions of 12-1/4” wide x 8-1/4” deep from the frame to the outside edge of the battery box as well as a clear area underneath the box for the dropout

      2. Disassemble the receiver that bolts to the frame from the battery box. Use the receiver as a pattern for drilling your mounting holes through the frame. Note that we have designed a double bolt pattern in the receiver so it can be used on either a 3”, 4” or 6” wide frame.

      3. Bolt the receiver to the frame using the four grade 8 bolts, lock washers, washers and nuts.

      4. Install the battery into the box and secure it in place with the provided eye bolts. Note the position of the eybolts in the diagram below. Use the slot on the back side of the battery box that best fits the size of your battery. The box is designed for either a top post or side terminal battery.

      5. Slide the battery box up into the mounted receiver far enough to catch in the first latch position. This is the “service” position.

      6. Connect the battery cables.

      7. Push the battery box up into the “locked” position.

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