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    • Holley - Installing HP and Ultra HP Billet Mechanical Fuel Pump

      The HP Billet Mechanical Pumps are constructed from CNC machined 6061–T6 aluminum to provide the utmost strength and superior looks. The HP pumps feature a CNC billet aluminum finish for long lasting good looks. The HP series also feature –8 AN inlet and outlet Fittings already installed. The base can be rotated independently from the top so it can be tailored to your application. The HP series has a free–flow number of 170GPH and a pre–set idle fuel pressure of 7.5PSI. No regulator is required. PART #: 12-454-25. Holley Performance Products highly recommends the utilization of -8AN inlet and outlet fuel lines for the HP series and -10 inlet and -8 outlets for the -30 and -35 series pumps along with a high quality 85-100 micron fuel filter between the tank and fuel pump and a 40 micron fuel filter after the fuel pump.WARNING! Failure to follow these recommendations may result in fuel leakage, poor vehicle performance, and decreased fuel pump life.

      NOTE: The -30 and -40 fuel pumps have a preset shutoff pressure of 10-11 PSI while the -35 fuel pumps have a preset shutoff pressure of 15.5-17 PSI and will require the use of a fuel pressure regulator such as Holley part #12-704. The Holley 12-704 regulator has a .437”
      diameter seat that will not limit the flow of the pump. Using a regulator with a smaller than .400” diameter seat, will severely limit the flow of the pump. If a regulator is not used, potential flooding of the carburetor could result.

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