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    • HushMat Introduces New and Improved Quiet Tape

      HushMat, a leader in the automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation category, announces a new and improved Quiet Tape shop roll.

      "This material offers the vehicle technician, installer or Do-It-Yourself customer a pliable, moldable and aggressive, single-sided tape to secure every wire or cable in their vehicle," Tim McCarthy, HushMat’s President, stated. "Quiet Tape is a very effective vibration damping (dampening) material for plastic trim panels."

      Key features of HushMat Quiet Tape:
      Reduces vibration and unnecessary wear and tear of wiring.
      Soft, pliable foam tape
      Cuts easily with scissors
      Strong adhesion, but removable for maintenance
      Comes in a 1" x 20' shop roll (Part # 30300)
      Attractive merchandising

      HushMat materials, introduced to North American automobile manufacturers in 1989, are the easiest to install, highest performing sound deadening and thermal insulation materials available.

      HushMat Ultra sound deadening and thermal insulation material and HushMat Silencer Megabond — a thermal insulating and sound absorbing foam, is easily applied to the sheet metal or fiberglass surface surrounding the interior of the vehicle. Enjoy a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride with HushMat.

      HushMat has mastered the complex technology in the automotive sound and thermal insulation categories with advanced product technology that requires:
      No surface preparation
      No acetone or alcohol wash
      No heat guns
      Easily conforms to contoured surfaces
      Reduces install time by over ˝ the time of competitive brands

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