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      Special Display to Include a Rare Mid-Engine Corvette Known as the CERV II

      The Corvette was born in 1953 and in less than ten years, the face of the car changed dramatically, especially in areas related to performance and competition. One of the driving forces behind this evolution was National Corvette Hall of Fame member Zora Duntov. Duntov had many visions during his time with General Motors, but in 1962, he dreamed up a car that was unlike

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      1961 Chevrolet Corvette Gasser Fuel Injected 502 CI, 4-Speed

      There’s no mistaking the “classical gas” look of this 1961 Chevrolet Corvette built by Nickey Chicago technical adviser John Tinberg, who began with a long-time California drag racing Vette convertible. The build was prompted by an airline pilot who contacted Nickey Chicago owner Stephano Bimbi, who also sells Corvette Gasser front

      1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake CSX2093, 7-Time NHRA National Champion

      CSX 2093 was the 93rd Cobra built and is one of only eight cars modified with the Shelby-developed Dragonsnake package designed to maximize drag racing performance. Depending on options, the package could swell the bottom line to a whopping $8,990, a huge sum in 1960s-era dollars.

      Owned by Jim Costilow and piloted by drag racer Bruce Larson, later of USA-1

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      Remembering the Levacar Mach I by Ford

      During the 1950's, Mr. Andrew A. Kucher, who was Ford's Vice President of engineering and the head of the Scientific Laboratory was the visionary behind a new concept model called the Levacar Mach I by Ford Motor Company. The Levacar Mach I was unique due to its styling and was designed for only one passenger. During the early stages of its development inside Ford's design studio,

      Remembering Those Great GM Motorama Shows

      Known as one of the most influential and exciting shows in automotive history, General Motor’s Motorama was made popular during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The journey of Motorama shows started in 1950, at the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. For many who attended the great shows over the years, it was exciting, amazing, and even thrilling to look into the future of automobiles. Visitors could see a vision of what the potential American sports car looked like or take a tour of a beautiful showroom with cars that one could only dream of. It was the best of times in this country and General Motors, led the way with many great stage shows and production cars which visitors thoroughly enjoyed.

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      TCI® offers the perfect solution for street cruisers who want excellent street performance and long lasting durability. Using the highest quality TCI® manufactured components, each Street Rodder™ package is equipped with an automatic valve body and Valve Body Performance Improvement Kit

      Hemi Truck Nitrous System

      Safely add 75-125 horsepower to 2003 and newer Chrysler Hemi truck engine applications with this complete ZEX™ system. The late model Hemi electronic fuel injected engines are the perfect platform for nitrous upgrades. The Hemi Truck Nitrous System from ZEX™ has