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Thread: 1955 F100 power steering - mind of its own

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    Default 1955 F100 power steering - mind of its own

    I have a 1955 F100 with and olds 307 and a new saginaw pump, connected it to a new Rebuilt Toyota powersteering box, new hoses, high pressure on the upper connection and low pressure below that. When I start it up the Steering wheel turn to the right all by itself and is impossible to move. This only takes about 5 seconds to occur and I shut the whole thing down.

    Got this truck from a guy that ran out of money. It already had a pump, hoses and powersteering box and it did the same thing. So I replaced everything as above and the same exact thing, kicking myself for spending all this money and getting the same results.

    Almost to the point of capping the powersteering box off and using it as a manual. Any ideas or thoughts are welcome, I can not find anyone else describing any issue even close to this.

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    reducing the pressure from the pump is needed with the toyota setups. See this adjustable flow valve....
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    This will let you fine tune the assist and make it not so overpowering.
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    Default Giving it a try

    Thanks, I will order it today and update this thread this weekend.

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