I didn't really want to start yet another steering thread but I did a couple of Google searches to see what other reports there might be outside of this forum on the electric steering issue.

It appears that the electric steering problem ranges from a mild, directional vagueness at speed (as in my case so far) to a very noticeable and disconcerting notchiness/jerking in the wheel at any speed. There doesn't seem to be consistent, contributing parameters, i.e. temperature, ADS mode, speed, mileage, etc. that I've been able to ascertain from the reports - they're all over the map. Also, for some, it's intermittent and for others, continuously apparent.

Some have had the steering rack replaced with success (at least temporarily) and for others, it didn't help. Alignments, wheel balancing, etc. have been done no with discernible improvement. One poster even (dubiously) claimed that installing an Alu Kreuz chassis billet eliminated the issue. The only temporary solution for some has been to turn the wheel lock to lock and back to center. Others have reported turning the car off then back on has worked for a period of time.

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