• Meguiar’s Introduces Improved Clay Car Care Kit

      A new-and-improved version of Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit is now available. The white, non-abrasive clay safely removes contaminates from any surface of a vehicle, said the company. The kit includes 60 percent more clay than the previous version of the kit. It also includes two 80-gram clay bars that are individually wrapped in a moisture seal storage case.
      A 6-ounce bottle of Ultimate Quik Wax is also included. It can be used to wax a car after its been clayed. Meguiar’s Quik Detailer is also included for use as a clay lubricant. The company’s Supreme Shine microfiber towel is also part of the kit. It can be used for easy wipe-off.
      The products in the kit can be used to remove things such as paint overspray, fallout and other bonded contaminants.

      For more information, go to www.meguiars.com.