• Edelbrock Introduces New Line of Performance Engine Lubricants

      A new line of performance engine lubricants that includes a variety of break-in oils, oil additives and synthetics has been released by Edelbrock. The new products are designed to meet the demands of traditional and late-model performance engines, according to the company.

      Edelbrock Performance Engine Lubricants are available in a variety of blends including 10w40 petroleum base or full synthetic zinc-enhanced formulas. The line also includes 5w30 Cat-Safe protection for late-model domestic and import vehicles; and Premium Break-in for protecting new or rebuilt engines at start-up. The Engine Oil Supplement features a zinc additive and helps to put performance back into conventional motor oils. It will treat up to six quarts.

      Also part of the new line is the Edelbrock Engine Assembly Lube, which provides professional-grade engine assembly lubrication for critical build components, according to the company.
      All of the Edelbrock Performance Engine Lubricant products exceed API standards. The bottles have been color-coded to help make it easier to choose the correct product.

      For more information, go to http://www.edelbrock.com/.