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    • RideTech Offers New Damper With Modes For Cruise & Sport

      The new Select Series damper from RideTech is a steel-bodied, monotube damper that offers two sets of independent internal valve stacks, which allows the user to choose between a soft “cruise” mode and a firmer “sport” mode for handling performance.
      In default mode (no power applied) the lower valving stack is engaged and will provide a compliant ride, ideal for cruising.

      When power is applied through a dash-mounted push button, the upper valve stack is engaged to firm up the damping and provide extra handling performance.
      The Select Series damper is available in coil-over, ShockWave (airspring), or as a stand-alone configuration with no surrounding spring. The damper offers superior oil control over a wide range of road and track surfaces, said the company.

      The Select Series is designed to also provide stability when towing or carrying a heavy load such as passengers, luggage or a trailer, according to RideTech.

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