• Tork-Step Hedders

      Tork-Step Hedders, manufactured exclusively by Hedman Hedders, evacuate exhaust gasses from the combustion chambers faster than, and more efficiently than, stock manifolds or a standard tube hedder. The increase in available exhaust chamber volume allows for more fresh air/fuel mixture to be drawn in, creating a purer fuel charge packed with more power. The result is the tug you feel on the “seat of your pants” when you punch the accelerator...better known as TORQUE.

      Once used only on race engines, Hedman Hedders was the first major manufacturer to incorporate this state of the art technology into hedders you can affordably install on your favorite musclecar. This is a standard-duty hedder manufactured using 18 gauge tubes, 1/4 flanges, and uncoated

      ABOUT US: Hedman Hedders, began as a one man shop in 1954. Bob Hedman, founder of Hedman Hedders, sold his highly sought after exhaust tubes to fellow racers on the salt flats of the Mojave Desert. But, what started out as a way to make a few bucks to pay for Bob’s racing hobby, quickly turned into the premier hedder manufacturer for both the racing and street hedder marketplaces.
      Originally designed for straightline drag racers, word spread quickly about Hedman’s reputation for building hedders that gave you the best boost in power for your dollar. It wasn’t long before Hedman Hedders was the brand of choice among racing’s elite engine builders, racers and race series. Familiar names like Don Garlits, Warren Johnson, Shirley Muldowney, Bob Chandler and his BIG FOOT Race Team, and the IROC series

      Visit us on the web: www.hedmanperformancegroup.com