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    • Is this The Ultimate Tool Box?

      Innovative design features two sliding vertical steel pegboard drawers for large hanging tools. Middle drawer doubles as a work surface and roomy lower cabinet stores larger items. Also features ball-bearing slides, stainless steel side handles,double-pin locking system, hydraulic lid struts and 5-inch heavy-duty casters. Lid stiffener adds strength. Offers 17,293 cu. in. of storage. Dimensions: Overall:41W x 18D x 571/2H 308.7lbs.

      Customer response:

      This is a very well-built and functional storage cabinet. Some of the details about its unique features were lacking so I ordered it hoping for the best. I was not disappointed!! The fit and finish are flawless with close tolerances all around.
      Here are some specifications: -Dimensions (not including handles & casters) 41" x 18" x 51.25". Height with casters installed: 57.5". -Shipping weight: 309 pounds. -Vertical drawers: 6" wide x 45.5" tall. Right vertical drawer has the steel pegboard in the middle of the space allowing tools to be attached on both sides. Useable clearance for storage area on the pegboard is 2.75" on each side. Steel pegboard is 17.5" wide x 39.5" high with hole pattern of 14 x 38. There is a storage bin (17" x 4.75" x 2"hi) on top of the pegboard area. Left vertical drawer has the steel pegboard set all the way to the left making for deeper useable tool hanging space but on one side only. The clear area for storage use is 5.25". Steel pegboard is 17.5" wide x 44" high with hole pattern of 14 x 39. The fixed storage bin is on the bottom of the pegboard on this side, plus there is a moveable 17" x 4.7" bin that can be attached anywhere in this drawer.

      The single lock secures all the drawers (including bottom storage area), lid, and vertical drawers. Lid does not have to be open to open the drawers. The drawers close with a secure grip on the last quarter inch that keeps the drawers from accidentally opening. The center drawer (that has a sturdy steel work surface that can tilt out of the way) has two pairs of slides. The other horizontal drawers have one pair of slides. The vertical drawers have two pairs each. -The drawer handles are very solid feeling extruded aluminum. All sides of the unit, top, and drawer faces are stainless steel. Interiors of the drawers and pegboard are painted steel. The bottom and interior structural walls are fairly heavy galvanized steel. While installing the casters I came to appreciate the strength of the bottom frame which is a single piece of galvanized steel formed to create a front and back support channel. The heavy-duty 5" casters attach at the corners and not farther inboard as is shown in the pictures. The storage area under the top lid is 39.5" x 15" X 4.25" high (2.5" of this below the lip, some of this space is taken up by the two lift struts and the stainless steel lid reinforcement panel). The assisted lid opening is really nice. The bottom storage area has a useable area of 23.5" wide x 17.23" deep x 13.5" tall. The 23.5" x 14.75" stainless steel door lifts up and tucks in on tracks above this useable area. The floor is double layered steel and is very sturdy. It came with a package of drawer liners. The cubic inches of storage space listed for this unit is misleading as it can't include all the tool hanging space and bins in the vertical drawers. The gross area to outside walls is 37,822 cubic inches. The only major drawback to this unit is that it makes me really want one of the larger Viper stainless steel units also.
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