• 1955-57 Chevys; LS (all exc. LS7) Engine Swap Headers

      These swap Headers allow enthusiasts to drop an LS (all exc. LS7) engine into the ever popular 1955–1957 Chevy. These new Headers were designed to fit with a stock gear box or Saginaw 605 gear box only. If using a unisteer rack system, see part # 2293HKR. They are a true 1 ¾” long tube design to sufficiently maximize the torque and horsepower of the free breathing LS engines. They are available in high temp black paint, silver ceramic or Hooker's brand new “Darkside” black ceramic. Engine Swap Headers for cars with stock or Saginaw 605 gear boxes, Black High Temp Paint.

      Installation Notes
      Breaking in an engine with ceramic coated Headers WILL result in damage to the coating and will VOID all warranties. Ceramic coated Headers require several heat cycles to fully cure before they will withstand extreme heat. Hooker recommends using cast iron exhaust Manifolds or old Headers to break in new engines to avoid coating damage. Please call Hooker tech service at 270–781–9741 for additional information regarding ceramic coated exhaust products. The use of header wraps can cause the header tubes to crack or rust due to excessive heat and moisture build–up. Hooker does not recommend the use of header wraps as this will void the warranty.

      • True long-tube design to maximize performance potential of engine
      • Thick plate steel flanges provide leak-proof seal at cylinder heads
      • Designed to fit with stock or Saginaw 605 steering boxes
      • Designed to be compatible with other popular aftermarket components for this application
      • Available in three different finishes for more variations in vehicle personalization.

      Technical Information
      Instructions for Part# 2292HKR

      Shipping Dimensions
      L 45.000 in. x W 10.000 in. x H 19.000 in. Weight 35.000 lb