• TCI ® Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit

      Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit from TCI® works with virtually any brake system to create monster burnouts with pulsing blue tire smoke.

      With the new TCI® Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit you can add extra flash and show off the power of your engine like never before by lighting up your tire smoke during burnouts. This new kit comes with the popular TCI® RollStop®, which allows simple engagement of the brakes for easy burnouts while high-powered, pulsing blue LED lights illuminate your tire smoke. The Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit can be installed with virtually any brake system car or truck, classic or late model. Both durable and waterproof, it is manufactured from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum to resist against damage. The included RollStop® has a precision solenoid valve that can withstand 3,000psi of pressure and draws only one amp of current, and it can hold your brakes indefinitely without overheating, which means longer burnouts and bigger smoke clouds.
      The kit includes a micro-switch for releasing the front brake that can be installed anywhere in the car. Simply press the brake, apply the RollStop® mechanism and release the brake pedal. The front wheels will stay locked in place and the pulsating LEDs will automatically turn on, thus illuminating your tire smoke.

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