• Holley Introduces New Billet Fuel Pumps for Carbureted or Fuel-Injected Vehicles

      Holley Performance Products has released its new line of billet HP and Dominator In-Line Fuel Pumps, which are designed for use in a carbureted or fuel-injected street, race, off-road and other vehicles.

      The fuel pumps are gasoline and diesel compatible and can be used in racing applications with an 18.5-volt charging system up to 80 psi, according to Holley. They have a 100,000-plus mile durability and are fully submersible for in-tank installations.

      The HP fuel pumps are capable of supporting 1,050 horsepower, while the Dominator pumps can support up to 2,100 horsepower.

      The Dominator pumps feature a twin pump design. The twin pumps can be used simultaneously for big power, or the second pump can be used when needed as back-up pump or for power adders such as nitrous or boost, said the company. By staging the second pump, unnecessary recirculating and heating of extra fuel is eliminated, avoiding poor performance and hot fuel issues.

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