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    • American Autowire Low/High Beam Control Module

      This electronic module replaces the ordinary dimmer switch. When the headlight switch is on, the module resets to the low beam circuit. Alternate momentary grounds switch between low and high beam headlight circuits. The module accommodates standard sealed beam and Halogen headlights in two- and four-light configurations and includes a 30-amp circuit breaker. The module takes the current load off the headlight switch. Instead of passing power to the low and high beam circuits, the headlight switch simply provides a “headlights on” signal to the module.

      The “Flash to Pass” option is active only when the headlight switch is in the off position. The high beams stay on for as long as the momentary ground switch is held to ground. When the headlight switch is on, the “Flash to Pass’ is simply the normal activation of the high beam circuit. The module can be attached to other modules with the supplied locking wedge or as a stand-alone module with the included mounting bracket. The Headlight Low/High Beam Control Module is available for $89.00 under part number 510196. For more information call 800-482-WIRE or visit