• Speedway Motors Introduces Stainless LS1 Exhaust Manifolds

      Speedway Motors has released its stainless steel Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds, which are designed to tuck tight against the engine block. The manifolds features large 1.75-inch primary ports and 3-inch outlets to deliver better flow and horsepower.
      The Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds are made of high-grade stainless steel and can be used as a replacement for OEM LS1 manifolds or tube steel headers. They combine the reduced noise level and low maintenance of a cast manifold with the flow characteristics and dramatic performance gains of a tube headers, said the company.

      The cast construction of the manifolds helps to minimize noise and retain heat, while the thick flanges help to eliminate leaks, according to Speedway Motors. The manifolds are available polished or unpolished and have standard three-bolt header flanges.

      Each pair includes gaskets and stainless steel hardware. The LS1 Exhaust Manifolds are the latest addition to Speedway’s Tru-Ram line of products. For more information on all of the Tru-Ram product line, click here.