• Steve Karch Discovers How Easy The Upgrade To Fuel Injection Is With The EZ-EFI®

      Steve Karch is a true gearhead in every sense of the word. Every winter he finds a new project for his cars, a 1965 Beaumont and a 1979 Camaro. It was only a matter of time before he decided to tackle a carb to EFI conversion. Two winters ago Karch began looking for a fuel injection system that would provide all the modern conveniences of EFI without requiring a whole summer of learning how to be a professional “tuner.”

      Karch explains, “With a carb, you’re constantly changing jets and tinkering. Then there’s the option of a multiport EFI system. But I just don’t have the time and comfort level with what’s involved in setting up a racing-type fuel injection system. So when I came across the FAST™ EZ-EFI®, I read up on it, saw some videos and thought I’d give it a crack. It just seemed like the best of both worlds for a carb guy like myself.

      “I bought an EZ-EFI® Master Kit from Rapp Racing Engines in Huntington Beach for my ’65 Beaumont. He gave me the best price locally or anywhere else I could find. I got the kit within a week. It basically took me a weekend to install, but most of the time was spent mapping out where I was going to put the harness. Once I figured out where I wanted to mount the components and route the wiring, it only took me about three hours for the actual install.
      “When it was all done, I hit the key and she fired right up. I took it for a drive, and as I drove it, the better it ran. It quickly ‘tuned’ itself to where it was a really smooth running setup. Prior to the EZ-EFI® installation this car had 750 CFM carb, which made really good horsepower, but I was always dealing with a bad stumble just off idle. However, once the EZ-EFI® was installed, all the stumbling and tuning headaches were a thing of the past.

      Based on his experience with the Beaumont, Karch bought another kit and installed it on his ‘79 Camaro. Installation on the 470 horsepower, 4 speed with 3.08 gears went even faster this time. Before the conversion, Karch’s biggest issue with the Camaro was, again, a low RPM stumble that made it hard to enjoy the car on the street. Once the EZ-EFI® was installed, he fired it up and found the stumble was completely gone.
      After the install and a summer of driving, the Camaro was parked in October. It sat all winter long and wasn’t touched until this spring. In April, when it was still 32 degrees out, Karch went back to the car. He hit the key, let the system prime and it started right up.
      “I drove the hell out of it,” said Karch. “I took a 720 mile road trip and got about 23-24 miles per gallon on the highway. I used the hand-held to lean out the mixture for the highway cruising and had no issues or pings.”

      Even with two cars now running FAST™ EZ-EFI® systems, Karch still wasn’t done, he wanted something different. He continues, “Ever since I was a kid, I wanted a dual quad tunnel ram. So I bought a tunnel ram intake and I got an EZ-EFI® Dual Quad Upgrade Kit directly from FAST™. I started the install on the Beaumont on Friday and was done by Saturday afternoon. It probably took about five or six hours with the intake installation and everything. When I took it out for a drive, it was so seamless and so cool to drive. All the old carb issues were totally gone and the setup looks really cool in the engine bay.”

      With the Dual Quad EZ-EFI® system, tunnel ram intake and TKO 600 transmission, the 1965 Beaumont makes over 570 horsepower but still manages to get 18-20 mpg on the highway.

      Comments Karch, “I liked the dual quad tunnel ram setup so much on the Beaumont that I plan to put one on the Camaro too. I already have the second throttle body and will be getting to it sometime this year.”

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        I think these systems are great,,,and I truely would like doing this to mine,,,however,,,I would have to sell my house,,,the furniture,,,the appliances,,,well,,,just about everything in my house to be able to afford the systems.I have the TIME,,,thats not an issue,,,but with the cost of just living,,,I can't afford a lot of the things that would make my hotrod fun.I could try going back to school,,,,maybe become an attorney,,,they seem to have all the money.