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    • Inglese™ Weber DCOE Four Barrel Replacement Systems

      Inglese™ Weber DCOE Four Barrel Replacement Systems are designed to bolt directly to your existing square bore (4150 flange) intake manifold, replacing your standard four barrel carburetor with twin Weber high performance DCOE sidedraft units (TSD). The result of extensive development, this system offers a combination of refined street performance and exceptional visual impact.

      For stock or small displacement motors, our 40mm unit is recommended, and larger displacement or high performance engines will use 45mm units. All kits are custom-built based on your engine specifications. Our twin sidedraft Weber system also features excellent hood clearance – with standard assemblies measuring just 6 5/8” tall. Twin DCOE systems are ideally suited for use on superchargers and are available for this application as either twin or quad carburetor assemblies using progressive linkage.

      As the most visible part of your engine, the induction system deserves the most attention to detail. Detail is what Inglese™ does best. Capturing and assembling your imagination into the most satisfying and visually impacting induction system is what Inglese™ has been busy doing since the late 1970’s. As the market’s foremost induction jeweler, Inglese™ is the first choice when it comes to affordably exotic carburetion.

      Inglese™ offers several custom finish options -allowing you personalize your induction system with chrome, custom paint and super-tall velocity stacks. The show stopping Small Block Chevy 4 X 48mm IDF system shown below (part# NG1704) features a custom chrome-like Jet-Hot intake coating (available on all Inglese™ intake manifolds), chrome 5” velocity stacks (NG1377-8) and polished stainless steel IDF cover plates (NG1894).

      Got a question about an Inglese™ custom finish option, or any other Inglese™ Weber product? Simply email us, or call our toll-free STREET ROD HELP™ line at 866-450-808!