• House of Kolor Digital Paint Booth

      With House of Kolor Digital Paint Booth you can select from a catalog of over 252 popular vehicles and paint them digitally on your computer screen. Choose colors from a vibrant and vast collection from the House of Kolor swatches, generate fades, create two-tones, and pick from a wide variety of graphics. See it before you paint it.
      Once you are finished creating the project of your dreams, you can print out a complete materials list. House of Kolor Digital Paint Booth gives you the power to create the Custom Ride of your dreams, just as you have always imagined it - in House of Kolor.

      Version 3 of the Digital Paint Booth brings many new and exciting features. Version 3 is a complete rewrite from the ground up and incorporates several new tools and menus that greatly enhance the final product.

      Version 3 has over 350 color choices at your fingertips with just a click of a button. Colors can be overlayed and mixed to create hue variations.

      The most powerful tool in the new version. This tool allows you to draw very smooth curves and shapes. You can adjust the curves and anchor points as well.

      All shapes (prebuilt or draw) have all the scale, rotation and position controls built straight on the graphic. To move a graphic, simple click and drag.

      We now have unlimited layers to work with. This allows the user to build multi layer graphics with shadows and opacity options on each layer.

      With the unlimited layers we can also rearrange the layers. Moving on layer to the bottom or bring it to the top has never been so simple.

      Save a complex graphic designs on a vehicle and pull it later and continue to edit. Images can be saved as a jpg and emailed to clients or friends.

      This video shows how graphics are manipulate across a vehicle using the House of Kolor Digital Paint Booth

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