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    • Prestolite Performance Releases Mallory FireStorm Ignition System

      Prestolite Performance has announced the release of the Mallory FireStorm, a new ignition control system designed to give the user precision and control through customizable software. The Mallory Firestorm has a comprehensive system that includes one of three types of ignition boxes: a multi-channel capacitive discharge (CD) box, a single-channel CD box and an LS box. The multi-channel CD box will fire up to eight coils and runs both modular and Hemi motors. It will also convert a conventional V-8 into a multi-coil application to allow individual cylinder timing.

      The single-channel CD box is designed for conventional single coil on a conventional four-, six- or eight-cylinder engine. The LS box will run any LS platform, including the LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7 and LS9. It offers the option to change engine types and is designed to work with OEM or aftermarket smart coils. The three boxes deliver the same capabilities and power and offer 13 different applications based on configurations and accessories, as well as hundreds of custom options, said the company.

      The Mallory FireStorm is not compatible with OEM plug-and-play applications. Itís available for most pre-1996 engines and the CD boxes will also work on coil-on-plug or electronic distributorless ignition systems (EDIS) application. The CD boxes can also convert LS applications to a CD application. The product also incorporates software for users to customize their system based on their unique needs. The software is available in Street and Pro versions.

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