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    • Ken-Tool Introduces New Tire Seating Tool

      Ken-Tool has announced the release of its Mega AirBlast Bead Seating Tool, which uses compressed air to seat tubeless tires to the rim. The pressurized air uniformly forces the tire’s bead onto the rim before inflating the tire to the correct pressure, said the company. It can be used on ATVs, autos, and light- and heavy-duty truck tires. The tool features a portable 5-gallon air reservoir tank at its center and has an operating maximum pressure of 165 psi. A heavy-duty 2-inch diameter tube with a ball valve carries the air to the insertion point between the bead and the rid.

      An air pressure gauge and a safety release valve are included with the Mega AirBlast Bead Seating Tool.

      Ken-Tool recommends using its Tire Inflation Cage in conjunction with the new Mega AirBlast for increased technician safety.

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