• Wilwood Introduces Redesigned Radial Mount Calipers

      Wilwood has released new redesigned versions of its FNSL6R six-piston and FNSL4R four-piston Forged Narrow Superlite Calipers. The calipers now offer an improved appearance, as well as added strength and durability through the use of stress-flow forging processes, according to the company.

      The application of stress-flow forging technology adds integral strength by realigning the grain structure of the billet alloy within the flow and contour of the body, said the company.

      The new FNSL calipers feature a more robust appearance that’s similar to Wilwood’s W6AR and W4AR caliper groups. They’re designed to be the strongest, most-durable performance radial mount calipers ever offered in the intermediate size caliper series, according to Wilwood.

      The calipers are available in black or red gloss powdercoating, as well as custom options. In February, the company’s FNSL6R and 4R calipers will also be offered as part of Wilwood’s new nickel-plated “QuickSilver” series. All mounting dimensions and the 7416 type pad applications remain the same as the previous BNSL series calipers, so making upgrades is a simple bolt-on.

      For more information, visit www.wilwood.com.