• Demon Carburetion Releases New Street Carburetor

      Demon Carburetion has introduced an all-new carburetor thatís engineered for hot rods with stock to mildly modified engines. The 625 Street Demon is a cast aluminum carburetor that can accommodate either square- or spread-bore-pattern intake manifolds without adapters, and is an easy replacement for any street four-barrel, said the company.

      The Street Demon features two 1-3/8-inch primary throttle bores that contain triple-stack boost venturii. Two of the boosters are suspended across the bores in a conventional way, while the third is integrated into the throttle bore walls. Their purpose is calculated to produce superior fuel emulsification, improve fuel economy and present crisp throttle response, said the company.

      The carburetor features a torsion spring-controlled air valve that ensures primary-to-secondary throttle response, regardless of the throttle opening rate. It has two distinctive sloping contours that are engineered for efficient cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution.

      The carburetor also features a goggle valve (GVS) located at the bottom of the secondary. This device delivers over twice the air flow of the primary bores. The Street Demonís fuel bowl is integrated with the main body and is available in either aluminum or an automotive-spec polymer. To eliminate all potential leaks the bowl is devoid of plugged passages and the bowl gasket is placed above the fuel line.

      Street Demons are available in three forms: all-aluminum tumble burnished, tumble burnished with polymer fuel bowl and all-aluminum hand-polished.

      Demon Carburetion will have the Street Demon Carburetor on display in Booth No. 710 at the 2012 HRR Trade Show, March 22Ė24 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. For more information on the show, visit www.hotrodshow.com.