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    • CPP’s New Complete Performance Packages

      Get a CPP Complete Performance Package and tune up your chassis with some of the best upgrades for a great price! This package teams up all of the pieces that will convert your ride into a corner carver on the track and a pleasure to drive on the streets. CPP’s Totally Tubular™ Control Arms in the front (and the rear for applications that have rear trailing arms), front coil springs, front and rear performance sway bars and front and rear CPP Black Magic™ performance-tuned shocks are part of all the kits. Also includes power steering box, rear suspension components and a set of spindles making it an ideal kit for a builder working on a frame-off restoration. The best CPP has to offer at a great price and ultimate value for all popular Chevy and Ford applications. All arms are available in gloss black or silver powder coat. Kits start at $1959.00. Put a C.P.P. from CPP under your ride today!

      Classic Performance Products, Inc. has been providing the classic Chevy and Ford truck, as well as Chevy passenger car market with top quality steering, brake and suspension components for the last two decades. Call (714) 522-2000 and order a catalog today, featuring our complete line of parts and accessories.