Everyone with painted running boards has faced the same problem at one time or another. You are at an event and someone’s clueless child (sometimes an adult) steps on your running board to get a better look at the interior. After all the screaming, yelling, and crying is over you are faced with fixing a scratched running board. McMillan Rod & Custom offers a preventative solution for this problem. Their polished stainless steel running board strips will offer you some much needed protection as well as a nice accent to your painted boards. Available in 3/8” & 1/2” versions, each kit is made from solid type 304 stainless steel, hand polished, with studs installed. Various end configurations are available. Got a different idea? No problem, they will custom build you a kit to meet your specifications. As always, they build what they sell, so rest assured it will be the best quality available.
      For more information on these and other innovative products, contact them at 715-387-6847 or visit their website at www.mcmillanrodandcustom.com