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      Holley Ultra Dominator Carburetors

      Holley Performance Products is proud to announce the introduction of their all new Ultra Dominatorģ carburetors, designed for improved performance, weight savings and show quality looks.
      Ultra Dominators are made totally from aluminum, allowing them to be 3.8 lbs. lighter than their predecessors which had zinc metering blocks and bowls. They come tumble polished with the top venturii area being hand polished for maximum airflow and less turbulence.

      The metering blocks are made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum for added strength, mating surface integrity as well as good looks. The metering blocks feature fully adjustable emulsion bleeds, idle feed
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      Mr. Funnel
      Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter

      According to Mr. Funnel, stored fuel can accumulate water, dirt and other debris. These harmful contaminants can keep engines from operating properly and reduce overall performance. When filling up from a portable gas container, owners can protect their engines using Mr. Funnelís Fuel Filter. It quickly removes water and particles from gasoline and diesel fuel. The company states that water and debris are separated out and left behind in a non-stick,
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      Justice Brothers
      Carburetor Cleaner

      The interior of an engine is a nasty place. Itís full of harsh chemicals and vapors, carbon and extremes of heat and pressure. Varnish-like residue, water and other contaminants build inside the carburetor after hundreds of gallons of gas have been consumed over the years. This condition can reduce gas mileage and performance as the carburetor no longer functions at peak efficiency. According to Justice Brothers, its carburetor cleaner helps minimize these power-robbing deposits, acting like a fuel-borne cleaning agent. It cleans the tiny passages inside the carburetor,

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