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    • Woody’s Hot Rodz - NEW Steel 1955 Chevy gasser rollers

      Woody’s Hot Rodz is now offering all NEW, Steel 1955 Chevy gasser rollers. These amazing reproduction bodies from Real Deal Steel are coupled with Woody’s own Tri-5 Gasser Chassis to re-create a look straight out of the ‘60s! Parallel leaf spring front end, long tube ladder bars, 9” rear, radius wheel wells… has never been so easy. These rollers are being offered by Woody’s as seen here for $29,750. Complete new steel body (less front end), complete Woody’s Gasser Chassis with ladder bars, radiused rear wheel wells, factory seams filled and sprayed in white epoxy coating. (Wheels and tires not included in price)

      Woody's specializes in creating one-of-a-kind turnkey hot rods and muscle cars. Our understanding of state-of-the-art performance technology and our love of old school aesthetics blend together to create classic looking cars that can perform head-to-head with modern sports cars. We pride ourselves in building vehicles that are meant to be driven; after all the Woody's motto is "Why stare at it? When you can stand on it!"

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