• Cus-tom-ize

      McMillan Rod and Custom, Marshfield WI - Cus-tom-ize [kuhs-tuh-miz] to modify or build according to individual or personal specifications. McMillan Rod & Custom is a shop that specializes in doing custom work at an affordable price. They can take your idea from concept to reality. Send or email them a drawing with dimensions for a free estimate at M243 County Road T, Marshfield WI 54449 or mcmillanrod@tznet.com.

      They have the experience and skill to do it. With over 30 years’ experience in stainless steel fabrication, McMillan Rod and Custom are willing to custom build to your specifications. For more information and examples of custom projects, please visit www.mcmillanrodandcustom.com or call them @ 715-387-6847.