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    • The B&M Console QuickSilver Shifter for 1968-1969 Camaro(Automatic TH-350 & 400)

      The B&M Console QuickSilver Shifter for 1968-1969 Camaro (Automatic TH-350 and 400) is a top of the line ratchet action shifter that provides performance without a trigger. To get into park or reverse from drive, just lift the knob/stick assembly and move it forward into position. It's cable operated for easy installation and precise shifting. A 5 foot precision B&M shift cable and all the mounting hardware for TH-350/400/700R4 is included or you can use you existing stock cable set-up for ease of installation. The shifter easily adapts from 3 to 4-speed transmissions making it perfect for stock and upgraded vehicles. Back-up light and neutral safety switches are fully incorporated into the shifter and has a lighted gear position indicator window. The chrome bezel, stick, and knob are accented by the black "slit" style boot and deep blue knob insert giving your first generation Camaro that classic muscle car look, all while providing the fast shifting, smooth ratchet action that B&M has always been famous for.