• Retro “Starburst” Push Button Seat Belts From Juliano’s

      If you’re looking for period-correct seat belts for your rod or classic streeter, check out these early GM-style “starburst” belts from Juliano’s. The satin metal push-button is right out of the 60’s, and they come in a rainbow of colors. These are the ideal replacement belts for a period-correct restoration, and the available options satisfy a broad range of requirements. For starters, the new starburst belts are available in 60” and 74” lengths, and can be ordered for either bench or bucket seat applications. You may purchase only the lap belts or opt for OE-style three-point restraints, with or without original factory-style floor retractors. All Juliano’s belts meet or exceed the government’s FMVSS 209 and 302 safety standards, of course. In addition to their wide array of restraints and factory style floor-mounted retractors, Julianos’ also supplies the special seat belt anchor bolts and anchor plates to ensure that your installation is properly installed and safe. Instructions are included. Prices range from $24.95 each for lap belts to $119.95 per side for the three-point sets with floor retractors. And there are plenty of choices in between.