• Performance Spark Plugs from MSD

      With over four decades of experience in designed and manufacturing high output ignition systems, it should be no surprise to learn that MSD is introducing a line of performance spark plugs! MSD's new Iridium Spark Plugs are engineered and designed to be used on high performance, high output street engines.

      MSD used their involvement in NASCAR to define high rpm endurance while reviewing the spark isolation requirements needed on plugs to fire an NHRA top fuel engine to create this new line of plugs from the ground up. The result of this high level experience in motorsports is a spark plug that is engineered to support power with long lasting performance for hot rods, modern muscle cars, trucks and SUV's, as well as sport compact.

      The point of interest of MSD's spark plugs is the iridium tip and the yttrium copper enhanced ground strap. This combination is designed to handle the higher heat associated with performance engines and high output ignition systems. The ground strap has also been modeled to expose as much of the flame as possible to create complete combustion. Attention was also given to the proprietary ceramic material of the plug ensuring that the only path for spark was across the gap - not through the housing which is typical of inferior plugs.

      The new MSD Iridium Spark Plug is available for a wide range of engines, applications and heat ranges.
      Iridium tip assures an intense spark and improves cold starts
      Electrode is machined to expose more flame to the combustion chamber
      Proprietary ceramic blend ensures the most spark isolation
      Reduced chance of pre-ignition with a yttrium enhanced ground electrode
      Designed for long lasting performance even with high output ignition controls
      Available for traditional hot rods, modern muscle cars and sport compact performance

      Founded in 1970, MSD is one of the most recognized industry names in ignition system products, EFI products and high performance parts. The company designs, develops, tests and manufactures its entire line ignition boxes, distributors, EFI systems, coils, spark plug wires, crank triggers and other performance parts from its headquarters in El Paso, TX. MSD is part of the MSDP Group LLC family.
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