• Oval Billet Five-Wire Power Window Switch Kits

      Watson’s StreetWorks Illuminated Oval Billet Five-Wire Power Window Switch Kits

      For those who clamor for ovals, this new oval frame with flush five-wire Illuminated Billet Power Window Switch kit from Watson’s StreetWorks fills the bill. The illumination on these five-wire rocker switches comes through two small holes, one in each finger dimple. The single oval frame measures
      211/16 inches wide by 115/16 inches high. The double is 31/8 inches wide by 21/4 inches high. Frames mount with blind studs from behind.
      As always, the kits come complete with all necessary wire hook-ups as well as installation instructions. Call Watson’s StreetWorks today to order.

      Watson’s StreetWorks