• New LED 1967-1969 Mustang LED Retro-fit Kit From Technostalgia

      A new LED retro-fit for 1967-1969 Ford Mustangs has just been introduced by Technostalgia. The new kit converts the aft lighting on classic Mustangs to super-bright LED, as well as adds sequential turn signals and RapidFire brake lights, said the company. The sequential turn signals light each of the three light segments in sequence to indicate the turn direction.

      The RapidFire brake lights flash the lights three times followed by a bright, constant light. They will repeat any time the brake pedal is pressed. The new kit includes LED arrays, LED driving electronics, necessary wiring, stainless steel brackets and an LED turn signal flasher.
      Both the turn signals and the RapidFire brake lights can be turned off individually by the end-user. According to the company, installation of the kit takes less than 30 minutes.
      For more information, go to www.cool-leds.com.