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      Boss Ket wanted all America – even the most remote communities – to share in GM’s latest technology. So, from 1936 through mid-1956, the Parade toured and delighted many millions of citizens.

      When GM’s Parade of Progress rolled into Muskogee or Ashtabula, Yuma or Fr. Pierce, everybody turned out. Its appeal was so compelling that no one could endure staying home. In Frederieksburg, VA, for instance, enthusiasm ran so high that two-and-one-quarter times the town’s population attended.

      The first Parade of Progress hit the road on Feb. 11, 1936, opening in Lakeland, FL. By Pearl Harbor, the Parade had covered well over a million miles, had visited 251 towns and small cities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Cuba, and had played to some 12.5 million people. There would eventually be three GM
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      Siemens VDO Power Door Lock Actuators

      According to Siemens VDO, the company’s new Power Door Lock Actuators line gives today’s service technician a competitive edge in power door lock service. By providing import and domestic vehicles applications that were previously available only from car dealers and salvage yards, Siemens VDO opens the door to a service market estimated at over $10M.
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      Finally a disc brake system that is a true bolt-on. This kits includes everything shown in the photo, plus a set of our conversion brake OM brake lines. Kit shown with a 9" single diaphragm booster but you can choose any size single diaphragm booster, shown on pages 223-225. Stock spindle kit shown; drop spindle kit varies a little. Includes drop spindles instead of caliper brackets.
      Note: Drop spindles lower the center of gravity while maintaining the full suspension travel. This will drastically improve the ride, braking, steering and handling.

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      1961-1964 Chevy Fullsize Classic Wiring Kit

      The 1967-68 Mustang kit (part 510055) retails for $699 and is the most complete system of its type, boasting 19 features including: new ATO fusebox, compatible with most aftermarket accessories, cluster harness disconnect system, dimmer, headlight and ignition switches, and much more.
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      Bruce Hays’s original plan was to restore a complete, but somewhat worn, 1959 Chevrolet Apache pickup that he’d bought to give to his wife as an anniversary present. Hays was a Desert Storm veteran and a captain in the Wyoming National Guard. He was recalled to duty in Afghanistan, and killed there in 2008.

      Hays left not just a widow, but also a lot of friends who want to honor his memory. On Saturday, they’ll hold an auction of all kinds of items with the aim of raising enough cash to complete the Apache restoration. One such item is a package of Colorado Rockies tickets. It all starts Saturday, beginning at 3 p.m., at the Elks Club, 102 S. Second St., in Laramie, Wyoming.
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      Complete Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kit

      CPP’s new Complete Rear Dual Adjustable Coil-Over Kit is designed to convert your 1963-72 Chevy truck to a corner carving, performance driving vehicle! Our kit includes our new Totally Tubular Trailing arms, coil over springs and dual adjustable coil over shocks and all the mounting hardware to make this rear suspension

      Complete Front Coil-Over Conversion Kit

      Get that cool street rod stance and track proven performance for your 1963-87 Chevrolet C10 Truck! Our Complete Front Coil-Over Conversion Kits include dual-adjustable coil-over shocks, spanner wrench and bearing kit, our Totally Tubular™ upper and lower control arms, and all the mounting brackets and hardware for a simple bolt-on installation.

      Honoring Suzanne E. Vanderbilt and the GM Damsels of Design

      Sue Vanderbilt in a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville “Baroness;" the show car that she styled for the Feminine Show. When you look back at General Motors’ rich design history, one of the most talented individuals, who made her career as part of GM’s vaunted Creative Design Team, was the late Suzanne E. Vanderbilt.

      Vanderbilt was one of the original Damsels of Design – a group of eight, great talented female designers that the famed Harley Earl hired during the early days of the 1950s.

      From basic pencils sketches to designing

      The year 1978 was a great era for Oldsmobile

      1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme advertising

      Throughout history, the Oldsmobile story has inspired many automotive historians with its rich and celebrated heritage which started right in Michigan’s capital city of Lansing.

      I remember a particularly exciting year in 1978 when Oldsmobile introduced their new line of vehicles and automotive catalogues to the buying public. My first impression was that Oldsmobile was using 1978 to create a family-oriented lineup of new cars. The company used its advertising and marketing to highlight many traditional family values

      The 1966 Dodge Dart models were seeking rebel drivers

      The year 1966 was a great year for automotive sales in the U.S. Many car manufacturers were doing very well for the economy and in 1966 the average cost for a new Dodge vehicle sold for $ 2,280 and the price of gasoline for 32 cents a gallon.
      The Chrysler Corporation was also doing very well within the automotive markets with its popular Dodge Dart models. The 1966 Dodge Dart models made their debut in Dodge dealerships on September 30, 1965.

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      1956 Chevrolet 210 Sedan

      Based on a 1956 Chevrolet 210 Sedan, this recently completed mild custom was built to showcase the timeless factory “Tri-Five” heritage. With a new GM Performance ZZ4 power plant backed by a factory-fresh GM 700R4 transmission, it is equipped with rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel Wilwood disc

      1966 Shelby GT350 Fastback

      To ensure that Shelby American would have its 1966 GT350 models in dealerships when Ford released the new ‘66 Mustangs, Shelby ordered an additional 252 cars from Ford’s San Jose plant at the very end of 1965 production. These ‘change-over’ cars (often referred to as ‘carry-overs’) were essentially Shelby-spec ’65 GT350s, and received the same performance modifications,