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      by Published on 09-18-2010 08:03 AM
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      Ford V8 351C-460 with COMP 9000 Cap. Unlike some competitors, Mallory's E-Fire Distributor Series do not require an external ignition box. Full electronic timing control - both RPM and vacuum based. There are 7 preprogrammed custom advance curves or design your own using free windows-based software. The vacuum advance comes preprogrammed for high performance use or it can be custom curved using the design software included. The 3 BAR Map Sensor allows for fully adjustable boost proportional retard and can handle up to 30 pounds of boost. Single stage rev limiting, easy to adjust using the included software - no chips required. The free windows-based software runs on any laptop or PC, whether the distributor is in the engine or not. All Wiring Harnesses are included and feature weatherproof terminals for maximum dependability. All CNC-machined billet construction to ensure maximum precision. Interchangeable Distributor Cap feature allows for 2 popular cap styles to be used to best suit the application and available clearance.