Has anybody else had issues with the C10 CPP Classic sterring column? Received mine (P/N TC-6772-SB) and the clocking hole in the top seems to be off by 10 or 15 degree's of rotation (shift indicator was clocked 10 or 15 clock wise). Quick work with the die grinder opened it up and I was able to get it aligned properly. Other issues is when in the full up tilt position the shift indicator binds up internally. The letters that are screen printed on the shift indicator lens are way off, they skew almost off the lens. There also seems to be a lot of play in the tilt assebmly. Last the steerting wheel mounting kit doesnt pull up tight to the column as I would like. Just curious if anybody else is seeing these issues. I realize these are made in China but I was really dispapointed how poorly these fit.