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Thread: rear disc brake problem

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    Default rear disc brake problem

    Hi my 56 belair with CCP rear disc kit had way too much travel in my emergency brake and the brake pads were loose in the calipers so downloaded CCP adjustment procedure for Cadillac-style calipers and followed that but now i have near on no pressure and the pedal almost goes to the floor and takes way longer to stop (dangerous) any idea where I went wrong..?

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    Default Rear Brakes

    I too have the Cadillac style calipers from CCP on my '68 Camaro RS/SS. I followed the instructions for adjusting the brakes and I can't get any pedal either. When I push the pedal down there is some pressure but it goes all the way to the floor. When I pinch the rear rubber hose, cutting off the rear brakes, I get a good half pedal. I too am trying to figure out where I went wrong.
    One problem I have is the instructions say to take the emergency brake lever off and turn the 9/16 nut the opposite direction from normal. I do this and I still have no brakes.

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    Anymore help on this iím having same issue


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