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Thread: CPP Mustang II IFS install on 1959 Chevy Truck

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    Default CPP Mustang II IFS install on 1959 Chevy Truck

    Hey guys looking for some help here. I am in the middle of installing a Mustang II IFS in my '59 Chevy truck. It is the CPP E5559M2IFS-K kit. My question is in regards to the cross member fitment. Initially we fit it in square to the frame and parallel to the ground per the instructions. When doing so we found that both sides of the frame where the cross member notch contacts the underside of the frame rails we could only get one side of the individual notches to sit flush, leaving a sizable gap on the opposing side of each notch.

    We then re-positioned the cross member so that it's notch fit completely flush against the underside of the frame rails. This left us with the cross member tilting at a slight angle and no longer parallel to the ground.

    To me it doesn't seem right either way, and I'm not comfortable with the way it fits. For right now we have it just tacked in place. The instructions mentioned that slight modifications may need to be made to the cross member to make it fit correctly. My main concern is that going by the instructions I am not exactly sure what "fit correctly" should be, and I don't want to start modifying things before I find out exactly what the correct fitment and positioning supposed to be, I'm not 100% confident with the instructions as they are a bit vague and lacking good reference imagery.

    Attached are a couple pics showing how the cross member sits "crookedly" after re-positioning.

    Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I believe this was talked about over the phone. The crossmember is square and when level to the floor with the frame simulated at ride height it is not un-common to have to fill in a small void. Thse frames/trucks are getting older and older.
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    How's the progress on this build?


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